Why work at Petrocor AG?

Petrocor AG provides you the adequate platform to pursue your passion and prove yourself. Its exceptional global structure offers you continuous opportunities to be part of a diverse team and truly develop world-class abilities. As a multidisciplinary contractor, you will have the unique chance to expose yourself to challenging-multicultural projects while relishing Petrocor AG´s competitive compensation packages and incentives, benefits and advanced training programs.

Petrocor AG communicative environment welcomes creativity and innovative thinking at all levels and is always prepared and eager to provide you with the appropriate tools to stimulate your ability to contribute, to grow both personally and professionally, to make a difference and have a tangible impact regardless of your role.

Petrocor AG is a values-driven company, permanently promoting a spirit of collaboration and respect within its ingrained culture.

 “Diversity: the art of thinking independently together” — Malcolm Forbes

"Inclusion is a call to action within the workforce that means actively involving every employee’s ideas, knowledge, perspectives, approaches, and styles to maximize business success“ - Shirley Engelmeier, CEO and Founder of InclusionINC

December 10, 2014
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