Oil (on-shore and off-shore)

Petrocor AG´s multicultural and talented team provides full EPC services to oil producers around the globe in a safe and efficient manner while continuing to consider the environmental impacts.  The company specializes in on-shore oil production facilities for early or permanent production schemes; expertise ranges from greenfield to brownfield projects involving:

  • Oil gathering systems.
  • Oil treatment systems (2 or 3 separation / heating / dehydration / desalting / desanding and stabilization).
  • Oil storage, gauging, metering, pumping and transport systems.
  • Conventional associated gas handling, treating, metering and transport systems.
  • Produced-water handling, treating, pumping, metering and distribution systems.
  • Associated off-sites & utilities required for oil production facilities (early or permanent).
  • Tight oil / Shale oil recovery.

Concerning oil production optimization services, Petrocor AG has aligned with a recognized expert company focused in enhanced oil recovery systems (EOR), essentially SAGD technology projects.

The company is also engaged through its associates in off-shore oil production facilities projects comprising feasibility studies, conceptual engineering, basic engineering, Pre-FEED, FEED and detailed engineering services meant for shallow and deep water complexes.

Regarding heavy oil processing into light synthetic crude oil or final products, Petrocor AG offers a wide range of solutions for oil upgrading and refining facilities. Petrocor AG can manage small and large scale EPC projects in this particular area through its talented professionals with comprehensive experience in main upgrading and refining process units, auxiliary facilities and utilities & offsites. Company´s technical group have worked on many different upgraders and refineries, each of them with its own unique arrangement and combination of processes, mostly determined by Clients´ desired products, location, commercial considerations and technical and environmental requirements.

December 4, 2014
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