Chemicals (grassroots and revamps)

Petrocor AG supports this vital industry by providing primary integral solutions to global manufacturers of inorganic and organic industrial chemicals in key markets. The company directs its efforts towards the design and construction of chemical plants aimed to produce olefins (specifically propylene and ethylene), aromatics, alcohols (ethanol and methanol), ammonia, urea, chlorine, sulfuric acid, Metil tert-butil éter (MTBE) and polymers such as high and low density polyethylenes. The company congruently executes projects associated to transport and storage facilities for these final products.

 Petrocor AG not only focuses on grassroots or greenfield initiatives, but also on revamps, debottleneckings and modernization of Clients' facilities envisioned to improve operational flexibility, increase production and meet rigorous environmental and emission standards.

December 9, 2014
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