Changing lives!

For its third consecutive year Petrocor AG participated as sponsor in the AVAA´s Golf Tournament Houston: Chevron’s Cup (VIII) held on October 30th 2015.

As stated by AVAA representatives: “With this play you will be helping a story of success; a history of efforts and big dreams”.

Thank you for letting us be part of it….

The Venezuelan American Friendship Association (Asociación Venezolano Americana de Amistad) (AVAA) is a non-governmental organization founded in 1942, designed to support comprehensive education and training of young Venezuelans in an atmosphere of coexistence, reinforcing friendship between the peoples of Venezuela, Canada and the United States and promoting cultural exchange between these nations.

As a nonprofit institution, and after over 70 years of hard work, the association has developed a significant public and institutional reputation, achieving excellent indicators of credibility, impartiality and transparency within Venezuelan society.

As a highlight, the Golf tournament was won this year (1st Gross) by our Chairman & CEO – Mr. Ronald Páez along with Mr. Bill Waters. Congratulations to you both!

November 3, 2015
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